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by Lutz on October 10th, 2004

Lwitikila Lwitikila
A day that started with total boredom, that’s why it didn’t take long for everybody to agree on taking the pickup and driving over to Lwitikila Falls and take a dip in the water.
In the end it was even a success for the environment when Andrew and Kurt started collection litter in the area.

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  1. Mechthild permalink

    So sch?ne Fotos, und immer noch kein Kommentar?
    Mir gef?llt ja das mittlere Foto vom 08.10.04 am besten!!! Hat aber nichts mit Affenliebe…sorry: Mutterliebe zu tun………….. :-)

  2. MacGyver permalink

    Ach herrje, was sind das denn alles f?r wei?e Gestalten??? Ich dachte, ich h?ttet da Sonne?!

    Man sieht ganz klar, dass die Priorit?ten offenbar eher aufs Bier trinken als aufs Sonnen gelegt werden. ;-)

  3. MacGyver permalink

    By the way: Why are they called “Lwitikila Falls”? Seems to me like they don’t fall that much (as can be seen in the left picture).

  4. Mishila permalink

    “ich haettet da sonne” ??? dieser satz grammatikalisch nicht geht….

  5. Anonymous permalink

    To answer to your ques? there are Rapids on a small channel of waters.misinterperted by people or it was maybe someone from Lwitila Girl’s who started it and it goes on till. just like they misinterpert your name Lutz to Roots for them to come up with Mishila.By someone who puts (R)s on (L)s.

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