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Antonio Banderaß ßpeaking

by Lutz on November 18th, 2004

Ceszo Ceszo Ceszo
Hello every body, greetingß from ßpain.
Ceszo (aka zesco) haß, unfortunately for our ßurrounding, given uß anoßer chance [ie a lightning blew our tranßformer into pießeß and had to be replaßed] to do ßtupid ßings…..
Explanation by Mr. Joe (the guy with the ranch in Texaß):
1. Dreßß in a ßuit… eventhough it’s not friday.
2. Become an Alien.
3. Halt the migration of ßwallowß…. don’t aßk how!
4. Do random ßtupid ßingß that drive everybody around uß nutß.

Ok, Joe, Jeff, Jim, Jacques, Jacky, John, good night.

ps. who doeßn’t understand what thiß iß all about, should know he/si might be more ßane than uß.

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  1. Mr. Tonio Spanisch permalink

    Hola quisiera informarle que que usted ha violado las derechas de mi acci?n de Sr. Antonio Banderas.Court del cliente ser? tomado contra usted. Mi cliente no desea su nombre mispelled. Contin?e por favor tomando el piss de otras estrellas. Sinceramente agente de Sr. B’s.

  2. Mechthild permalink

    Sch?ne M?nner, sch?ne Anz?ge!!! Ole´

  3. pope permalink

    sorry,but real guys carry their guns in a guitar case!!!

  4. Anonymous permalink

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