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Parking Pass Agreement

by admin on December 14th, 2020

A parking card issued is necessary and duly indicated to park in one of the UNL parking spaces with the exception of high-distance areas and controlled areas on time, I understand that parking in corners of land, corridors, ends of corridors, hashed or other signed “no parking” areas is not permitted. Broken or raised arms do not allow parking. Information on raffle capacity, loading times and the best surfaces available at the park office can be found at (519) 661-3973. I understand that repeated violations of the Parking and Traffic Code will result in the removal of parking privileges and, if necessary, the waterproofing of student records. Unauthorized or improperly parked vehicles are removed or towed at the owner`s risk and expense. I confirm that I have read the rules above and I understand my responsibility to comply with the rules and regulations of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Parking and Transit Services. I understand that non-performance can lead to the issuance of citations, the forfeiture of my parking privileges and/or the seizure of my vehicle. THE FINE FOR FALSIFYING A VEHICLE REGISTRATION/APPLICATION IS $100. Licensing is responsible for learning and complying with parking rules and regulations in UNL car parks.

I understand that core and premium perimeter Reserved parking permits are valid in the reserved part of the land where the permit was issued. In the event that all reserved spaces are used, licensees may park in the unremarked part of the land. When a registered vehicle that produces a parking card is located off campus for mechanical repair and the parking card remains on the vehicle, the licensee may apply for a temporary authorization for another vehicle. The application for temporary authorization must be submitted to parking and transit services at 402-472-1800. An audit of the initial purchase of the authorization is required. This temporary repair permit, which can be issued for up to a week, must not be subject to additional costs. Parking lots and permits (suspended signs or stickers) are controlled by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and allocated by UNL Parking and Transit Services to a particular person or department.

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