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Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement

by admin on April 12th, 2021

Payments are structured to provide increased support to areas of greater need, taking into account the relative isolation of the pharmacy according to PharFmacy ARIA and the amount of PBS and RPBS obligations of that pharmacy paid for by Medicare. The agreement includes measures to strengthen and expand the network of pharmacies in rural and remote areas and encourages the focus on specific areas such as quality improvement and effective drug management. Since 1990, the remuneration received by pharmacists for the dispensing of drugs from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and the regulation of the location of pharmacies have been governed by a number of agreements between the Australian government and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (the Guild). Over time, these agreements have expanded their scope and now offer professional pharmacy programs and services. Negotiations on the seventh EU Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA) have begun in 2019. The government originally wanted to conclude negotiations by the end of 2019, but will continue until 2020. In addition to the Guild, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (which represents all pharmacists, not just pharmacy owners) will be co-signer of 7CPA for the first time. The Ministry of Health also consulted with a number of other stakeholders in the consumer, pharmacy and health sectors on the policy and funding considerations of 7CPA, although these stakeholders did not sign the agreement. A limited number of special allowances are also available to support the maintenance of existing pharmacies in some rural and remote areas, where there is a community need and where the existing pharmacist has been trying for at least two years to attract a buyer to this business. This assistance may provide a maximum payment of $60,000, including three payments over a two-year period, plus one item for the GST, to successful applicants.

It is also not uncommon for parliamentary committees to examine aspects of EU pharmacy agreements.

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