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Amazon Video Direct Digital License Agreement

by admin on September 11th, 2021

You agree that subscriptions made available to Amazon under this Agreement for distribution through non-prime subscription, consisting of titles (“Subscriptions”), are at least the same subscription video-on-demand packages, including the same titles, as subscription video-on-demand packages that you provide through any non-physical distribution method. Note: Entering Japanese characters is not supported for currently. Please create your account with The program will change over time and the terms of this agreement will need to change over time. Subject to the provisions contained therein, we reserve the right to change the terms of this Agreement at any time at their discretion. Changes to the fees become effective and binding (a) on the date of 30 days from the date of publication on the Program website or (ii) notification by email, using the email address provided in your Program Account or by message to your Program Account or (b) on the date you accept the changes; depending on what happens first. Without limiting the foregoing, you acknowledge that Amazon (i) may provide the Service through websites, applications, device interfaces, third-party platforms and other online platforms or points of presence that are now known or have been developed soon; (ii) authorized users who digitally purchase, digital rental, non-transactional access and access to ad-supported audiovisual content, the right to access such content through streaming, downloading and other means of digital broadcasting currently known or underdeveloped for online or offline display on any device supported by the Service, and (iii) to provide audiovisual content on the Service by any means currently known or developed between them (including, but not limited to, cables, optical fibers, satellites, wireless and/or mobile).

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