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Borrowed Car Agreement Form California

by admin on September 12th, 2021

No Carbon Required is the industry paper that allows you to copy information across multiple copies for different uses. NCR paper is often used to organize duplicate information for multiple departments in your dealership or a batch of used cars, and helps you stay compliant and organized without the mess of old-fashioned coal paper or the unnecessary repetition of the photocopier race. Our standard NCR paper is available in 3, 4 and 5 pieces to meet your office needs. What is it? A credit car agreement (BCA) allows a car buyer to take possession of one of the vehicles of our planet Hyundai for a period of 24 hours. As soon as we have your BCA form, driver`s license and insurance, we will contact you and set up a vehicle delivery. In response to physical distancing rules, Planet Hyundai is proud to participate in long-term car rental dealer agreements or “extended trials”. We take the well-being of our employees and customers seriously. We brought our sales representatives from the theater to their homes. Remote work. We still have access to our inventory and encourage our customers to perform longer tests with vehicles of their interest. How does it work? Fill out the downloadable BCA form above, take a photo of your driver`s license and a photo/document of your current auto insurance card and email them to This form and many other more popular ones have been updated for 2017 with minor improvements, visual upgrades, and a new legal language. Our legal team studied every word, our graphic designers cleaned up every layout, and our admin team cured every section to serve you and your business better than ever! Your dealer or used car lot can be sure that BPI forms are always available in the best possible format so that your business runs faster, better and with results.

We are proud to share our updated forms with you and look forward to your feedback. What do I need? Log in to the BCA by filling out a downloadable PDF file that can be found above. They need currently active car insurance, a valid driver`s license and must be over 21 years old. Does it cost anything? No no. We offer BCA customers who are interested in buying a vehicle and want to be sure that this is what they need. Keep you and your customers covered by our 2-part rental agreement.. . .

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