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Business Management Agreement India

by admin on September 13th, 2021

The manager is responsible for providing the hotel`s facilities, taking care of the day-to-day activities of the hotel and ensuring that the investor`s money is used for the development of the hotel. According to a report, India`s event management industry is worth $172 million. It grows every year, because people today aspire to a better lifestyle and have a better household income than their vintage generation. Hosting parties for small occasions has become the norm in urban India. To organize these events, we need individuals and companies that can shoulder the weight of exotic events. Whenever there are events, there will be a business relationship between the client and the organizer and any business relationship should have a legal contract to legitimize their relationship. Here we will talk about the hospitality agreement. Event Management Agreement should not be confused with event planning, sometimes the event management company is also involved in event planning. For example, an event management company is approached by a client for their wedding. Now, at the client`s request, the event management company can even provide the wedding planner responsible for the wedding-themed decision, wedding venue, pre-married makeup, and cocktail party theme.

But they should not be confused, because the planning of the event involves collaboration with the client from the point of view of conceptualization, discussion of event ideas, theme, budget, catering, etc. Event management includes creating, coordinating, and managing all aspects of an event. The implementation of the ideas concocted by the event planner is event management. . . .

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