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Chromebook Agreement Form

by admin on September 14th, 2021

Blank registration forms are displayed during registration. Due to personal constraints during enrollment, we distribute the Chromebook at that time, when the parent signs the form, and get the student`s signature on the first day of school. Please understand that the parents` signature does not release the student from the material of the agreement. My signature below shows that I have read and understood the above information correctly. Chromebooks that are not picked up during enrollment will be distributed after school starts, after the student submits the form signed by both parents and the student. Ideally, print the form via the link below, read and sign it and bring the signed form for registration. If so, the school will distribute the Chromebook at that time. Before students receive their school-issued Chromebook, parents and students must read the Chromebook agreement form and sign and return the last page. Use of my Chromebooks is subject to the rules, policies, and terms contained in the Greenville County School District`s policy regarding acceptable use of technology and other applicable school and district policies, rules, and policies. . I will not be inopent, negligent, negligent, in violation of applicable law, the GCSD Guidelines or in a contrary manner, install, use, operate or maintain the provisions of this Agreement.

I won`t install programs or change the required settings for the district on the Chromebook An annual non-refundable tuition fee is required to cover accidental damage to the student only on the device (not on the charger or any other accessory) and it covers Chromebooks NOT lost. The Chromebook is a teaching tool/pedagogical resource and is used to support teaching and learning. I understand that the equipment is the property of the Greenville County School District, and I will not remove or change any district or school labels, marks or barcodes. Student name ____ The school can revoke my use of the Chromebook at any time, if it deems it appropriate. Violations of this Agreement or District directives/procedures may also give rise to disciplinary action. . . .

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