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Four Agreements Online

by admin on September 21st, 2021

This four-month digital course gives you the tools to gain clarity and discernment, so you can clearly observe what restrictive beliefs you continue to use to mask your personal freedom. In this lesson, we distinguish between the reality that life creates and the virtual reality that people create using language. Life creates what is real, and people create stories about what is real. With words and chords, we build a building of knowledge. . A whole belief system that tells us what we know about ourselves, about life, about everything. With all the knowledge we accumulate, we will no longer perceive what is real; We only see our own knowledge. Our belief system is like a mirror that only shows us what we believe. The human spirit is fertile ground for the seeds we plant with our word. Plant the seeds of love, not fear.

Judgments, accusations, shames and especially gossip and gossip produce poison in ourselves and in others. The most powerful way we use our word against ourselves is by condemning ourselves. Stopping self-judgment is the biggest challenge for domesticated people, because we have been judged all our lives and we continue the tradition in our own minds. Look below and elsewhere on this site to prove that you are perfect as you are, and exactly as you are not. There`s nothing you can do or say, what it deserves to be judged. This is really the only deal you need to question all your old arrangements and change your life`s dream. Always be blameless with your word. And if you`re not, or if you take something in person (#2), don`t condemn yourself for it! You always do your best (#4).

Just whitewash them yourself. The online course “The Four Chords for a Better Life” will deepen your understanding and practice of the four chords and lead you to the life you really want to live. Watch cinema-quality videos, learn at your own pace, and use the power of these deceptively simple chords. It`s time for a better life. In his powerful book The Four Chords, ™ Tolèque author Don Miguel Ruiz offers readers four simple but profound chords as important tools on the path to personal freedom. Everyone can use these wonderful tools to break their convictions and self-limiting agreements of the past and turn their life into a new experience of freedom, true happiness and love – if they understand and use the deep strength in them. These new agreements have the potential to help you draw your attention to what the world thinks you`re doing or should “do,” to whom you know it`s right for you to regain scattered personal energy and strength and open yourself to deeper intimacy in personal relationships. It doesn`t really seem to work – there are enough judgments, inside and out to perfect an entire human race! But we are still suffering, we are falling backwards, not achieving our goals or not keeping our resolutions, We have lost touch with the reality of our perfection with which we entered this world. . . .

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