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Sample Hunting Land Lease Agreement

by admin on October 6th, 2021

This model provides both the landowner and the hunter with the necessary wording to describe what the hunter can do on the landowner`s land, when the hunter can use the property, and the lease terms of the contract. It should be noted that once the contract is signed and dated by both parties, it is considered a lease agreement binding both parties to the conditions set out therein. Standard clause: the tenant agrees that the land covered by the rental agreement will be kept free of waste at all times and that the waste or waste will be removed from the tenant(s). Example of a clause: the tenant (tenants) undertakes to protect this country against intrusion and fire. Tenants will endeavor to report, suppress or report forest fires that may occur on the grounds. This, in turn, will facilitate the settlement of disputes, if and if it happens the same. The agreement in principle gives the hunter the opportunity to use the package legally. This way, no one will bother or stick you by mistake if you use the package. Apparently, it gives you extra security in hunting. The tenant must scrupulously comply with all applicable state, federal and/or local wildlife laws.

The conviction of a violation of the Wildlife Act by a single member of the hunting group results in the immediate loss of rental privileges. Short-term leases can take a short day, a week, or perhaps as long as the legislated hunting period for a given species. The owner here has the possibility to offer other services, such as.B. guide service or rental of camping equipment. .

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